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 visual_stress - (_stay_beautiful)
12:33pm 21/03/2009
♥ posting in Visual stress, Meares-Irlen Syndrome and dyslexia
hello, great idea for a community!

I have had the proper testing and I use dark blue tinted glasses to read text. It works! I get some funny looks at work when I wear them...
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(no subject)
01:21pm 21/03/2009 (UTC)
Gluppit the prawling strangles, there
I ended up with blue specs as well, although I use lime green for overlays. I generally use either blue or green when I'm setting up colour schemes on my computer I've got ME/CFIDS and Meares-Irlen, although I suspect the Meares-Irlen may have been caused by the ME, one of my eye specialists said that 90% of people with ME have eye problems like mine.

Yes, I get some funny looks when I go out with my blue glasses on! They (mostly( stop me from getting weird and nasty symptoms from fluorescent lighting, so I have to wear then whenever I'm going to shops. I get particularly odd looks when it's dark outside, or in the middle of winter.
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