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Getting people to use coloured paper
 visual_stress - (elettaria)
10:22am 03/04/2009
Gluppit the prawling strangles, there posting in Visual stress, Meares-Irlen Syndrome and dyslexia
Hi, I've got Meares-Irlen and visual problems (probably mostly from muscular fatigue) due to having ME/CFIDS. I have enormous difficulty reading anything on paper, and find that coloured overlays are too awkward to use for more than the occasional sheet, while my coloured specs don't seem to be doing the job any more (though it always seemed that if they got enough colour in to make a difference to the page, it was too dark to really see anything). I do have some coloured paper which I print things out onto occasionally, and matters seem to improve if I go for a slightly larger font that's a bit bolder on the page such as Verdana. The glare and visual problems with white paper are too strong, but the contrast with normal font on coloured paper seems to be a bit too weak.

My main problem at the moment is reading correspondence. How far do other people get with asking other folks to print materials out on coloured paper? I have stacks around in pale blue, green, lavender or beigey-yellow, and remember giving some to one of my tutors at uni, asking him to print all the hand-outs on it. He was a lovely man, we got on very well, and he nodded and smiled and then never did it once. I've found that some disability organisations will be OK about the coloured paper, but it does seem like an awful lot to ask for. What have other people found?
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07:42pm 05/04/2009 (UTC)
I've got lenses that work for me - altho generally I ask for longer documents to be enlarged A4 to A3 so they are easier to read.

But asking for coloured paper would seem to be a reasonable adjustment to me. In particular the University should have been better at dealing with this - if you are still with them it might be worth asking the student union to advocate for you.
Getting banks etc to comply is probably going to be harder - but it might be worth contacting the head office and trying to talk to their person in charge of disability issues.

Its definitely NOT too much to ask for. But see if others can advocate for you otheriwse it can use up a lot of spoons.
Good luck
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