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Brighter news on the bulb front
 visual_stress - (elettaria)
11:01pm 17/09/2009
Gluppit the prawling strangles, there posting in Visual stress, Meares-Irlen Syndrome and dyslexia
While I'm still moping about the way fluorescent lights are practically being forced on us these days, I've just discovered dimmable halogen low-energy bulbs on eBay, which are meant to replace standard incandescents and save about 30% in energy. Has anyone tried them? What's the light like on the eyes? What's the colour like? Do you reckon it's really worthwhile swapping to them, will they actually save money? (I have no idea how much of my electricity bill goes on lighting.) Are they as safe as incandescents? The colour is the main thing, of course. I've stocked up on 100W bulbs just before they vanished, but hey, if I can be greener and save money, that would be great too. I know that LED lighting is still problematic (can't really get much more than mood lighting, plus the white is very cold), but I've a feeling that halogen is fairly comfortable on the eyes. Here is the Philips version.
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03:36am 31/12/2009 (UTC)
Pointing Light
Most halogen lights are still too painful for me, but I haven't tried any dimmable ones. Halogens aren't as bad as fluorescents but they still cause me troubles.
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02:10pm 03/03/2010 (UTC)
Gluppit the prawling strangles, there
These don't look like halogen bulbs, they look like slightly whiter versions of incandescent bulbs. I have them all over my flat by now and love them.
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04:32pm 17/10/2012 (UTC)
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