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driving and visual stress
 visual_stress - (mr_bim)
01:37pm 10/10/2010
any one know the best way to approach driving with visual stress?
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(no subject)
07:30pm 12/10/2010 (UTC)
Tinted lenses may be helpful - but be careful the tint is safe to drive in - if too dark you may not be able to sufficently distinguish colours/ have difficulty in the dark. Don't need an Irlens assessment many opticians can do this assessment now - and usually cheaper
Depending on the symptoms you get you may want to get an expert opinion on your safety on the road. And if you are like me fatigue makes symptoms worse so even if you are safe to drive on a good day/time you may want to think twice at bad times. DVLA will give you an opinion - ask your GP for a referral. Remember you are in charge of a few tons of metal that can kill people/you - that's a pretty hefty responsibility. Also your insurers may take a dim view if you've not disclosed - effectively making you uninsured.
I did drive a moped for a while - working on the basis that the person most likely to be damamged in an accident was me - but eventually decided the risk wasn't worth it. NB I now get taxis on Access to Work (I do have other stuff that makes public transport unfeasible), but they may be able to assist depending on circumstances/ severity of symptoms
Good luck - hope that wasn't too negative/ preachy
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Thanks for info
 Franchesca Leagan
10:55am 18/09/2015 (UTC)
Franchesca Leagan
I have terrible problems with visual stress. so knowing I might be able to get help with access to work is great.
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(no subject)
10:42am 06/04/2011 (UTC)
For me because of the irlens i cannot drive i do no people who can drive with really bad irlens can drive with their glasses on
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