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Does anyone have an Amazon Kindle?
 visual_stress - (elettaria)
11:34am 10/02/2011
Gluppit the prawling strangles, there posting in Visual stress, Meares-Irlen Syndrome and dyslexia
A friend of mine has been raving on to me about the Amazon Kindle, and I confess to being intrigued. I have visual problems due to ME/CFIDS as well as Meares-Irlen Syndrome. Here is how they work with regard to reading:

1. Glare is bad, and anything fluorescent is a nightmare. My ability to read laptop screens varies.

2. When reading a laptop screen, I always increase the text size until it looks like it's in bold, plus I have a slightly higher DPI on my laptop. So I'm probably reading websites at around 150% of normal size, at least with LJ I am; I think it's less with others.

3. I haven't tried large print books, I've mostly switched to audiobooks. I do sometimes read ordinary books when my eyes are having a good patch, though fonts are very important, some are more readable than others. Verdana and Trebuchet seem to be my favourites.

4. I like green backgrounds, though sometimes orange will work as well. My reading glasses are tinted yellowy green, and I have a pair of orange glasses I wear in the evening to help me sleep (look up darkness therapy). I've got some of those coloured filters for dyslexia and such, and used to attempt to put them over laptop screens, although with larger laptops I have given up. Has anyone tried cutting them to size and taping them over a Kindle screen?

5. I sometimes can cope with standard paperback books, especially as the paper is yellowish, but I can't manage reading A4 paper, both because the lines end up too long for me to focus on, with too much text on the page, and because the white paper causes glare.

6. Audiobooks: can it play your average MP3 file, will it save your place, is the sound decent from a distance of, say, two feet? What sort of headphones will it take? Right now I have the computer type, and I like the ones with a big padded thing over the ear.

7. I'm a fast reader, and I'm not sure how much wil get onto the page of a Kindle when it's at a font and size I can read. Is this annoying? How quickly do pages turn?
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03:57pm 15/02/2012 (UTC)
You should check out the Victorstream. It's like the blind equivalent of the Kindle, and if you contact your eye doctor you can get text-to-speech copies of books free from websites like Bookshare (for visually impaired/blind people) to read on your stream. You can also put files from websites like Audible.com or other audiobooks or even music on the stream, and services for the blind will sometimes pay for it. They paid for mine because I'm a student.

I've heard a lot of good things about the Kindle, but I'm visually impaired and I figured that something totally audio based would be better for me.
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12:14pm 03/05/2016 (UTC)
I can see this thread (and indeed this group) have been dead for a long while, but I've stumbled on it, so hopefully someone else will too.
I have a kindle paperwhite and I have put an Irlen overlay on it simply by cutting it just the right size to fit in the screen recess, no need for glue. It hasn't affected the functionality of the screen, doesn't fall off, can be easily removed and has made reading more pleasant. I suggest cutting it a little larger than you think will fit and then trimming it down until it sits snug.
The paperwhite has adjustable brightness and plenty of font sizes available. I find it easier to read from than paper. Turning to the next page is achieved by tapping the screen and is very quick. I have to use a very large font to read comfortably and so a page doesn't take me long and the page refresh rate has never hindered me. It's quicker than just turning a real page, let alone swapping a coloured filter over to the new page.

Incidentally, there is a computer program called colour explorer that was made by Microlink PC for altering the way your computer presents white backgrounds and text to suit your needs. I find it much more comfortable than using one of these programs that tints the whole screen. It doesn't work with google chrome, and isn't ideal for web browsing generally, but for text documents it's ace. Microlink no longer host it last I checked, but if anyone wants it, message me and I'll email it to you.
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